Heat Transfer

CAD cut & Litho transfer printing

Transfer printing is great for bold, vibrant, full color designs, and single color individual names and numbers; there are a huge array of colors available from fluorescent to metallic print effects and flock velvet effects. This printing technique is used extensively for sports wear and team kits.

Full color transfer printing is the process of printing designs onto high quality vinyl which is then heat sealed onto your garments. Unlike DTG printing which can only be used on 100% cotton or 50/50 blend garments, transfer printing can be used on virtually any fabric including 100% polyester, lycra sports wear, waterproofs and jackets.

There are two main types of transfer printing; both produce varying results and are better for different types of jobs.

CAD cut full color printing:

In the CAD Cut process the design is cut out from a transfer vinyl sheet using our Graphtec vinyl cutters, then placed over the garment and heat pressed at a high temperature. Modern vinyl transfers are tough, durable, bond firmly with the garment and will last a long time if taken care of. This printing process can be used to print a wide range of garments including t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo’s, jackets and more

Litho transfer printing: 

In this process the artwork is digitally printed onto vinyl transfer paper then traced cut and  pressed onto your chosen garment. It can be used to print onto a variety of different materials including t-shirts, cotton bags and jackets. The minimum order for Litho transfer printing is 25 items.

Litho printing is long lasting and durable but it should not be washed over 40 degrees or directly ironed on. Turnaround time for the production of the litho transfers is typically 2-7 working days with a couple of extra days added for application.