Screen Printing


The mainstay of Elite Graphics

Screen printing is a process by which ink is pushed through a screen onto a printing surface. Screens are now made of polyester instead of silk and stretched over a wood or metal frame. The screen is coated with an emulsion in order to allow a stencil to be created on the screen using a film positive and a light exposure unit. One screen is used for each color that we print. Once all screens are “burned”, they are placed on a screen printing press, making sure each one lines up correctly in order to produce the image correctly. Ink is then placed in the screens. A squeegee is used to pull the ink across the screen, which forces the ink through the screen onto the printing surface. Once all the colors have been printed, the garment is run through a dryer in order for the ink to properly dry/cure. For most garments, plastisol ink is used But we have other options like water based inks that gives a washed out look and softer hand. We now also have the ability to create over sized prints on garments which sets us apart from many other screen printing shops.

Our staff has the ability to screen print intricate details, custom logos and a wide spectrum of images that come to life and make a statement. Our facility follows strict codes for maintaining and regulating high quality equipment to ensure consistent results with each screen print. The high level of quality has made us a leader in screen printing with continuing business from both new and repeat customers.