Yes. You can mix and match sizes and colors as much as you like. Please bear in mind that your chosen garment color(s) will work with your chosen print color.
We recommend you wash your garments at no higher than 80 degrees and avoid using any stain removing products on and around the print. Do not iron over your the print but if needed turn the garment inside out or place a towel.
Yes of course... Please note, while we make every effort to ensure a perfect print is produced every time we cannot be held responsible for any defects in the stock at time of receipt, nor will we accept responsibility for occasional misprints which are part of the natural process. Always advise us ahead of time if you are sending your own stock and mark the cartons with clear references to avoid any unnecessary complications.
We can print on toddlers through Adult 7XLT. Sizes can be mixed in an order. because of the size difference we do have to burn separate screens that will incur screen charges.