We Love Embroidery

Embroidery covers a multitude of applications

A company logo or school emblem is easily recreated as an embroidered pattern on clothing or promotional items. Individual monograms, personalized lettering, figures or symbols can all be incorporated into a custom embroidered design.

Where you need to embroider a logo that is more than basic text, then the design needs to be “digitized”.  This is the process whereby artwork is converted into a format that an embroidery machine can understand and make sense of. Just about any type of design can be digitized and we take great care in achieving a high standard of embroidery with the logos that we produce. We can convert most image file types. Should you want a logo embroidered onto a garment. Most embroidery is done on the left chest position. You can however opt for right chest, left or right sleeve, or back. The beauty of this service is that once the logo is digitized you can have it placed on any number of garments from 1 to 1,000s (or more) the first step is to send us your artwork.

The equipment and materials used for embroidery work by us produces tightly stitched patterns complete with high quality colorfast threads. The result is a durable design that endures normal wash and wear and maintains color and pattern integrity. Embellished embroidery is a lasting process that continues through the life of the garment. The possibilities for creating a unique look with embroidered stitching are endless. Our facility is known for consistent quality and affordable pricing and our retail location is a great alternative if you just need one garment decorated. We are open late and on weekends for your convenience to help when you have that last minute job that just needs to be done right away.