Why Screen Printed Hoodie?

Why Screen Printed Hoodie?

With winter upon us we all still want to promote our business, band or organization but also stay warm and comfy right? That’s where screen printed hoodies come in, they are the perfect way to promote or advertise your organization while keeping you warm and comfy.

Screen printing hoodies is a great choice for big bold designs either on the front, back, or sides that will be sure to get you noticed. Screen printed hoodies is a relatively inexpensive way of promoting with thousands of impressions possibilities you can attract attention without breaking the bank.

Screen printing is charged by the number of colors used in your design and quantities you purchase so opting for an image with only 1 or 2 colors will give you the statement you are looking for without breaking the bank. As like embroidery where sizes do matter the size of your print can be as small as a left chest logo or fill the whole back of your hoodie.

Bottom line A hoodie makes a perfect surface for your screen printed image while keeping the wearer warm and dry through the winter months. We have hoodies that come in all sizes from kids small to adult 6XL we are pretty sure we can accommodate your request, visit our online store here

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