10 reasons Screen Printing is great!

10 reasons Screen Printing is great!

hello, Here are my top 10 reasons why I think Screen Printing is the Best:

1) Every print we do is Hand pulled, So every print is different and unique.

2) Screen Prints (especially on paper) have a quality like no other printing process. The Ink sits crisply on the surface which gives it a lovely tactile finish.

3) It’s so exciting seeing designs come in, that push the boundaries of Screen Printing in a new way. I personally love seeing a good color overlap. This is a clever way to create more colors in a design without spending on extra screens.

4) Personally, I have gained confidence from screen printing. Things going wrong and making mistakes is inevitable, and once you come to terms with that you can have so much fun to experiment, without putting any pressure on yourself to get it right the first time.

5) It’s fun to get messy! I get to wear clothes covered in brightly colored ink every day, Whats not to love about that?

6) It’s a great workout. Forget the gym, become a Screen Printer and you will soon have toned arms and washboard abs.

7) Sometimes a Print job can be a real puzzle, but by putting our heads together and working as a team, we always manage to find a way.

8) You get out what you put in. If you are meticulous during the whole Prep phase, and really take your time and care about every element, Then the end result is always so much better. I can spend a few hours mixing an ink to get it the exact shade of blue for example, but it’s always worth the time when it ends up looking ‘just right’.

9) Bringing someone’s Idea to life is very rewarding. It’s always amazing to see a flat computer image leave the shop as garment, bag, packaging or art print, and it’s even better when the client/designer sends back happy feedback about how pleased they are with the results.

10) When you see someone in the street wearing a shirt you have printed, you get a little buzz knowing it’s your hands that created it. Even though it’s not your design, you can’t help but feel a little proud!

What are your favorite things about Screen Printing?

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